This world is filled with coincidences that you might think are a result of bad writing if you saw them in a movie. Fortunately, they are not that. With a stroke of good luck and amazing photography skills, some people managed to capture the moment when Earth was blessed with rare moments of un-skeptical fortune.

What are you gonna find in this compilation? It consists of sisters who bought the same exact gift for their mother, a coffee that looks like an uncooked pancake and a lot more. You are going to be amazed and shocked, at the same time.

1. This car and garbage can have the same wheels.

2. “My coworker and I bought the exact same breakfast to work in the same style Tupperware, and we both brought 3 eggs in a cut-off egg container”.

3. “I got one candy without a bag, 2 candies jammed in one bag, and one regular candy”.

4. These 2 men sitting beside each other are watching the same show.

5. “My socks blend in perfectly with my girlfriend’s carpet”.