When words fail to convey a serious message into the hearts and minds of millions, at times like these, we need an alternative method to reach out to our fellow humans. Whether they are the old citizens, young-adults or kids, there is always a medium of connecting to a living body apart from speech. And one of those methods is the language of art. It plays the role of a perfect simile or metaphor to speak out the underlining truth that we often fail to understand.

We want to show you the everlasting power of art and hereby listed some drawings that will fascinate your ability to reconcile our contemporary society.

1. Aren’t we all an example of this illustration?

2. The destruction of oceans/seas and their creatures.

3. R.I.P to every fruit that belongs to its tree.

4. In an attempt for a safer place, we lost our innocence.

5. Growth and change can be good and bad at the same time.