Most of us like to enjoy a drink or two every now and then. It’s a great social activity and can help us relax a little bit and calm down. Then there of those of us that love a good alcohol-fuelled party and tend to rack up a drink count a little higher than one or two. In the age of mobile phones and the internet being drunk is no longer a private matter. The hilarity of drunk people is caught on video and in pictures to be spread with the world over social media. Here is a collection of some surprisingly intelligent drunk photos.

You Can Do It

Often when we are drunk we do some stupid things that we regret and have to deal with later. Drunk texts are a popular example of this. This person has done something that’s the opposite. Their drunk side was looking out for them and just wanted to help them improve their self.

Me, Myself and I

They say talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity, but they also say that to become a genius you must become a little crazy. Steve was just trying to look out for himself, he knew what he was going to get himself into and decided to plan for it. Unfortunately, drunk Steve saw things differently.