Every wife has their own logical reasons, as to why they hide certain things from their hubby. They marry, they have kids, they take care of the house, they do everything under the sun to build a happy home. Without a wife, a hubby is handicapped, but every wife hides some very dark secrets, which they will never tell anyone at any cost, lest the home’s peaceful atmosphere becomes hazardous.

Well, these women remain mysterious, as they are called the better half, which says it all. No matter how honest she may have been, yet there are things hidden within her, which she will never expose. They are the queen of hiding strange things from their hubby, but from their point of view, those things are logical to them.

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15. The Ex-Factor

Men feel proud to share their past but not women. There’s a fear which always dwells in her and it’s pretty logical because her past can jeopardize her married life. As you see no hubby, will ever be able to digest the truth about his wife’s love stories and can ever picture her being in someone else’s arms.

14. Always Playing Second Fiddle To The Mother-In-Law

A wife always plays second fiddle to her mother-in-law. Every wife prefers privacy and the in-laws tend to intervene in that privacy. She is unable to tell her hubby the truth because he loves them and he will never hear anything against them. So in order not to hurt anyone she puts on a fake smile, but the truth is she hates the mamas and their boys.