Megan Denise Fox, Tennessee born model, and actress who is mostly known for her roles in the movies Transformer and Teenage Mutant Ninja is now 30 years old with three kids. She still looks stunning as she was as if she hasn’t aged at all. Motherhood treated her well, she and her husband Brian Austin Greenmarried back in 2004 and together have three sons Noah, Bodhi, and Journey even though their marriage had a rocky path in between.

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Megan, husband Austin with their kids.

Here you can see their eldest son Noah in Snow white costume. Maybe it’s for a play or whatever, who cares he looks so cute with that tongue out.


Look at how cute her baby munchkins are. They are freaking adorable.

With mommy being “the first bona fide s*x symbol of the 21st century.” It is pretty predictable that the little ones will be as cute as a button. You can just see the innocence in their eyes and smiles.