Keaton Jones, the kid whose anti-bullying video touched the hearts of millions of people, appeared on the British talk show ‘This Morning’ with his mother to discuss the aftermath of the viral video and Keaton’s return to school. According to his mother, Kimberly Jones, the Keaton Jones controversy has reached an all-time high and Keaton will not be returning to school until after the holiday season.

Discussing Keaton’s return to school, Kimberly says, “I’ve struggled […] especially being this close to Christmas break…” She adds, “After seeing how big it got, I mean it just seems like maybe we should let it die down a little bit before we made any decisions so that we could kind of have a reality of what life is gonna be like.”

A new image of Keaton and his family emerged after photos posted on Kimberly’s Facebook page surfaced. The pictures featured the family posing with Confederate flags as well as photos of his estranged father with white supremacy tattoos. Keaton spoke about how this has affected his life at school, stating that his situation has become worse.

Kimberly spoke to Access Hollywood on Tuesday and claims that the photos that have circulated since have tarnished the happiness that it once brought Keaton. She stated, “I mean, you know, he was a hero. Yesterday, the world loved us. Today, the world hates us.”