Sometimes we have pretty dim moments

Have you ever been in love with someone and they say one of the most absurd, ridiculous, or illogical things that you’ve ever heard? It may have made you feel just a little bit less in love with them, or you may have found it surprisingly endearing. Whatever your reaction was in that case, we want you to know that you’re not alone. We all have some dumb moments even if we’re otherwise intelligent.

Blowin’ in the Wind

Credit: Fenyvesi Mate/Shutterstock

When she told me, quite seriously, that wind is made by trees. You know, because they sway around which pushes the air around and thus makes wind. She was not kidding. (TheAbyssGazesAlso)

It’s All Relative

I mean, it could make sense if you hear ‘plants make oxygen’ and air is oxygen and wind is moving air? Like ‘boy howdy those trees are really cranking out the molecules today!’ (OurLadyOfTheChickens)

Source: Instagram @richkidsofgreece_

I bought him a new watch and it was water resistant. I told him I wanted to see him wearing it at the pool when we go do laps. He did two laps, got out, took off his watch and came back to the pool.

I asked him why he took it off. I thought maybe it was uncomfortable.
He told me it was water resistant “up to 100 meters” so he took it off after two 50 meter laps. (Mat145)

Misplaced Germaphobia

Credit: STUDIO GRAND OUEST/Shutterstock

My husband told me that he never slept in hotel sheets because they “never washed them.” So instead, he would wrap himself up in the comforter and sleep in that. The big fluffy comforter… (kittycatss)

Someone whose worked at a hotel as a housekeeper before here. Every time the room get turned over we change the sheets. The thing that doesn’t get changed frequently is the comforter. (Derpybro)